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Metric Size Female Rod Ends-Left Hand

Rod ends with internal or female threads. As male rod ends, a wide variety of materials are available resulting in products to fit any need. Standard catalog series include products with bodies made from low carbon, high strength heat treated alloy and stainless steel. Race materials include low carbon, or heat treated alloy or stainless steels. Ball materials include sintered steel, alloy or stainless steel. All balls are precision ground and heat treated. Many series are available with PTFE lined raceways, for smooth backlash-free fit.

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Sizes: ID 10mm x W 14mm x Rod 21mm - Thread M10X1.5  Female Rod End Ball Bearing
$114.29 $71.02
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Availability: 19 item(s)
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$217.76 $68.90
You save: $148.86
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$254.83 $72.39
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Sizes: ID 25mm x OD 60mm x W 22mm x Rod 48mm Rod End Left Hand Thread Ball Bearing Zinc Chromate Plated with Copper Alloy Bushing
$279.58 $173.72
You save: $105.86
Availability: 4 item(s)
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Sizes: ID 8mm x Rod 17mm x Ball W 12mm Female Left Hand Rod End Bearing
$27.89 $17.33
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Availability: 43 item(s)