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Bearings Direct is a ball bearings supplier with over twenty years of experience in the industry. Ball bearings consist of a series of round balls in a casing, within an inner and outer ring capable of supporting both radial and axial (thrust) loads. Ball bearings come in both single and double row configurations, in both metric and inch sizes, and can be found in a large range of applications from door hinges to roller skates. For more information, browse our inventory of ball bearings below!

Types of Ball Bearings

There are a number of different types of ball bearings, such as miniature, deep groove, and super precision.

Miniature Ball Bearings are small bearings with bore sizes between 1 and 10 mm or up to half an inch. Bearings Direct offers a number of miniature ball bearings in both metric and inch sizes that meet ABEC7 precision class.

Deep Groove Ball Bearings are incredibly versatile and the most widely used. Due to their low friction, they are capable of high rotational speeds, supporting both radial and axial loads. Bearings Direct offers both in metric and inch sizes , also we stock stainless steel made materials metric and inch sizes

Super Precision Ball Bearings are specifically designed with accuracy in mind for high-speed and precision applications. They are capable of high rotational speeds with low friction and noise.

Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings carry combined loads, both radial and axial, designed, much like the super precision bearings, for high-speed and high-precision applications. 

Double Row Ball Bearings are similar to both precision angular contact and super precision ball bearings in that they can accommodate a combined radial and axial loads. These bearings have two rows of balls inside making them capable of much higher loads. Bearings Direct supplies double row ball bearings that are open and with shielded or sealed closures.

Self-Aligning Ball Bearings are double-row ball bearings that can adapt to both static and dynamic angular misalignment. These bearings are particularly appropriate when shaft and housing alignment is a challenge.

Thrust Ball Bearings are ball bearings that can carry axial loads alone. Bearings Direct supplies thrust ball bearings that are single row, in both miniature and regular three-piece configurations.  

Bearings Direct supplies all of these ball bearings and you can browse our inventory and purchase online using the links below.

Ball Bearings

Bearings Direct offers a large selection of ball bearings available for purchase online. You can view our inventory below or using the links on the left-hand side. To request more information, contact us today.


  • Metric Miniature Ball...

    Bearings Direct supplies mini metric ball bearings in bore sizes from 1mm to 10mm. We also offer metric miniature ball bearings with a flanged outer ring, combined with ceramic, stainless steel, or plastic materials. These bearings are up to ABEC7 precision class.

  • Inch Miniature Ball...

    Inch miniature ball bearings are available in bore sizes from 1/8 to 1/2 inch. These miniature ball bearings have a flanged outer ring and can be combined with ceramic, stainless steel, or plastic materials. Our inch size miniature ball bearings range from ABEC0 up to ABEC7 precision class. 

  • Metric Sizes - Ball...

    Bearings Direct supplies metric bearings & ball bearings. These metric bearings are radial, single-row bearings in chrome steel, stainless steel, and more. We also supply super precision ball bearings in metric sizes. See our inventory below! 

  • Stainless Ball Bearing...

    We offer a variety of stainless metric ball bearings, such as radial single-row stainless ball bearings - metric sizes. These bearings come shielded and pre-lubricated with grease. 

  • Super Precision...

    Our inventory of deep groove & super precision radial ball bearings consists of super precision ABEC7/p4 bearings with a phenolic retainer. These bearings are perfect for high-speed and precision applications. 

  • Inch Size - Ball Bearing

    Bearings Direct supplies imperial inch & inch size single row radial ball bearings. These bearings come in chrome and stainless steel, open-shielded-sealed closures, and more configurations. View our inventory below!

  • Stainless Steel Ball...

    Our inventory of bearings includes inch stainless radial ball bearings & inch size single row ball bearings. These are sealed, shielded, and pre-lubricated with grease. They are made with AISI-440C stainless steel to improve corrosion resistance. 

  • Ball Bearing with Snap...

    Our inventory of installed snap ring ball bearings includes ball bearings with snap ring. These bearings consist of an installed snap ring over outer race ball bearings. 

  • Alternator-Starter...

    Bearings Direct offers a variety of alternator-starter ball bearings. These ball bearings for alternators and starters come in radial and radial single-row configurations. 

  • Automotive AC Ball...

    Bearings Direct supplies a range of Automotive AC ball bearings and Air Conditioner bearings. These bearings are suitable for the high-speed applications Automotive A/C compressors require. They are typically double-row ball bearings, rubber sealed on both sides, and pre-lubricated with high-speed grease. 

  • Double Row Ball Bearings

    Our supply of double row ball bearings includes double row angular contact ball bearings. These are open-shielded-sealed closures. These bearings come pre-lubricated with grease. 

  • Precision Angular...

    Bearings Direct supplies a variety of precision angular contact ball bearings & angular contact ball bearings. We offer three different series, 7000, 7200, and 7300. View our subcategory pages for more information!

  • Super Precision...

    We offer a variety of super precision angular contact bearings in different series. These are all up to ABEC7 or P4 precision class. 

  • Self Aligning Ball...

    Bearings Direct's supply of self aligning ball bearings includes self-aligning double row ball bearings. These range from light to medium duty. Our light duty bearings are offered with or without seals. 

  • Thrust Ball Bearing -...

    Thrust ball bearings are comprised of ball rolling elements. Their appearance sets them apart from the other types of bearings since the outer race and inner race, called shaft and housing washers, are layered with the cage in between. This assembly makes them look like three stacked washers. Thrust ball bearings can sustain loads at high speeds and their use are ideal for axial loads only.

    Thrust Ball Bearings Applications:

    •        Gas Turbine Engines
    •        Pumps
    •        Fans
    •        Mining
    •        Marine
    •        Aerospace and aircrafts
    •        And more!

    Our inventory of thrust ball bearings includes single row thrust ball bearings and vary in sizes. We offer both miniature three-piece and regular three-piece thrust ball bearings. Many of our Miniature Thrust Ball Bearings contain washers with or without a groove and are made of chrome steel and brass cages. Regular Thrust Ball Bearings are made of chrome steel. Take a look at our selection and order today!

  • Felt Seal Ball Bearing...

    Bearings Direct supplies metric felt seal ball bearings in a variety of series options. These felt sealed metric bearings are commonly used in agricultural & gardening applications. 

  • Felt Seal Ball Bearing...

    Bearings Direct supplies and distributes inch size felt seal ball bearings. These felt sealed ball bearings come in 7500DLG and 7600DLG series. View our inventory below!

  • Mast Guide Ball Bearing

    Our inventory of mast guide ball bearings and mast guide bearings includes various bores and thicknesses. These bearings may come sealed on both sides and pre-lubricated with grease. View our inventory below to explore all options. All sizes are based on Bore (ID) x Outside (OD) x Thickness (W) Dimensions. 

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