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UCFL200 Series 2 Bolt Flange Cast Iron Unit

2-Bolt Oval Flange Bearings are equipped with a combination of a chrome steel set screw insert bearing with a housing of a oval cast iron 2-Bolt Flange. 
UCFL200 Series is a standard duty with a set screw lock and available with set screw or eccentric locking collar, corrosion resistant housing and bearing options include cast iron, stainless steel, thermoplastic, and nickel plating, B-type seals or L3 triple seals available for extra sealing needs, wide inner race bearing, and available with high temperature bearings. This specific bearing insert has two grub screws to allow tightening against the shaft once fitted. The inserts are can be removed from the housing for future replacement if required.

Common usage for UCFL200 Series include the following: Automotive, Agricultural, Construction, Consumer Goods, Conveyor and Fan Assemblies, Pump, Sporting, Manufacturing Equipment, Farm Machinery, and Industrial Equipment's.

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