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Thrust Bearings

When your application calls for precision axial load-carrying capacity, there’s nothing better than thrust bearings from the experts at Bearings Direct.  A thrust bearing is a rotary bearing designed to support axial loads on rotating shafts, which permits smooth rotation under high thrust loads at low and medium speeds. The axial load from the rotating shaft is absorbed into the stationary housings or mounts within which the thrust bearing turns. Contact us to learn more about our selection of thrust bearings.

Your Thrust Bearing Source

Bearings Direct is a top supplier of standard and custom bearings for demanding applications. To meet your unique needs, we carry several thrust bearings manufactured from a range of materials.


Types of thrust bearings we supply include:

Thrust Ball Bearings
These bearings are comprised of bearing balls supported in a ring. They are used in applications with minimal or low axial loading. 


Thrust Needle Roller Bearings
Featuring small cylindrical rollers arranged flat with their axes pointing toward the bearing axis, these bearing types offer excellent carrying capacity at an inexpensive price point. 


Miniature Thrust Bearings
These bearings, like other thrust bearing types, are designed to withstand axial or thrust loads. Smaller in size than standard thrust bearings, they are perfect for tiny, tight-fitting, and minimal-clearance applications.


Small Bearings, Significant Responsibilities
Thrust bearings are pivotal to the functionality of applications in a range of industries. Examples include:


- Automotive
- Marine
- Aerospace
- Chemicals
- Utilities

They are ideal for absorbing the axial forces generated by the helical gears found in automobile, heavy machinery, and aircraft gearboxes. Additional uses include boat and ship propellers, rotating machine tools, centrifuges, and textile manufacturing equipment.


The Bearings Direct Edge
Get the best thrust bearing for your application with Bearings Direct. Our knowledgeable team can identify the best bearings for your application, from heightened sanitation standards or resistance to corrosion, contamination, extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, excessive moisture, and continuous wear.  Whether you need a single thrust ball bearing or bulk quantities, Bearings Direct can quickly meet your needs. Partner with us to get the right bearing at an affordable price.