Insert Ball Bearings 

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Bearings Direct supplies insert ball bearings for housing and industrial equipment use. These insert bearings come in a variety of configurations for various duty strength applications. 


  • CSA200 Series Locking...

    CSA200 (Cylindrical OD) Insert Bearing is a high quality insert bearing. This bearing has an eccentric (cam) locking collar for attaching to the shaft.

  • CSB200 Series Set...

    CSB200 SERIES insert bearing has two set screws on the inner race for securing to the shaft. It has an cylindrical outer race that is pre-lubed and engineered for light duty use. 

    This type bearing is self-aligning for the standard load capacity. The standard lubrication feature has a drilled hole in groove on locking collar side and drilled oil hole opposite the collar to make it interchangeable to all manufacturers which makes it more efficient.

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  • HC200 Series Locking...

    HC200 Series Insert Bearing has a combination of a standard lubrication feature that has a drilled hole in the groove on the locking collar and to make things more efficient the drilled oil hole opposite to the collar to make it interchangeable with the different manufactures. 
    HC200 Series Insert Bearing is self aligning for standard load capacity. This specific bearing has an eccentric cam locking collar for the attachment of the shaft.

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  • SA200 Series Locking...

    SA 200 insert bearing is self-aligning for standard load capacity. Standard lubrication feature has a drilled hole in groove on locking collar side and drilled oil hole opposite the collar to make it interchangeable with all manufacturers.

    SA200 Insert Bearings can also be a replacement bearing for many Pillow Blocks, 2-Bolt Flanges, 3-Bolt Flanges, 4-Bolt Flanges, and Take up units. It can also be cost efficient for replacing the insert bearing instead of replacing the whole unit which can be costly.

  • SER200 Series Set...

    SER200 Insert Bearings with a Snap Ring has two set screws for the attachment to the shaft. 
    The SER200 Series Insert Bearing with a Snap Ring has a Cylindrical Outer or parallel outer diameter and comes to the exact fit of a snap ring.

    There are also two grub screws which allows it to tighten against the shaft once it is fitted properly.
    Common usage for SER 200 Series Insert Bearing include: Agriculture, Automotive, Pump, Sporting and Consumer Goods, Construction, Manufacturing Equipment, Conveyor and Fan Assemblies, and light and heavy industrial use.

  • SB200 Series Set Screw...

    SB200 Series are Set Screw Insert Ball Bearings for Light Housings or Duty use, pre-lubricated & Slealed.
    Cylindrical & Spherical Outers are available.

  • UC200 Series - Set...

    UC Series Insert Bearing has a set screw locking and is held in position on the shaft by two set screws which are directly on the extended end of the inner ring.
    UC 200 Series Insert Bearing is self-aligning for standard load capacity. This specific arrangement is suitable for application as where the direction of rotation is alternative.

    The UC200 Series Insert Bearing are widely used as replacement bearings for Pillow Blocks, 2-Bolt Flanges, 3-Bolt Flanges, 4 Bolt Flanges, Take-Up Units, and many more. It can be costly to replace the whole unit however, buying just the replacement for the insert bearing can save you from over spending.

  • SUC200 Series -...

    SUC200 Series Stainless Steel Set Screw Ball Bearings with Lubricating Groove, Sealed and pre-Lubricated - Standard Duty
    For Housings use Spherical Outer.