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Unlike typical bearings that enable circular motion, linear bearings, also known as linear slides, promote movement in a straight line and consist of a movable part and a guide rail. Linear motion is generally accomplished with the use of ball or roller bearings loaded onto a track that supports a surface, which can be moved back and forth, such as a table.

Types of Linear Bearings

We supply a wide assortment of linear roller & ball bearings, such as ball bushings, flanged ball slides, pillow block slides, guideway slides, shaft supports, and linear shafts.

Linear Ball Bearings: Bearings composed of an outer ring, steel balls, and a cage resulting in smooth and precise infinite linear motion. Commonly chosen for smooth linear motion in debris-free environments. When compared with linear sleeve bearings, linear ball bearings create less friction and can be run at higher speeds.

Linear Ball Bushings: Provide smooth linear motion via ball bearings. Linear bushings consist of an outer cylinder and ball retainer that houses the bushing components. These are commonly used in applications that require smooth, precise motion.


Linear bearings can be used in a variety of different industries such as medical, packaging, and food processing. Some common applications include:

  •        Lab Equipment
  •        Packaging Equipment
  •        CNC Machinery
  •        Robotic Equipment
  •        Consumer Goods – Electronics, Appliances, Furniture
  •        Automation Machinery


Bearings Direct supplies linear ball & roller bearings, linear slides, linear shafts, and linear motion guideway bearings from manufacturers such as:

  •        Bearings Direct
  •        IKO Bearings
  •        INS Linear

Bearings Direct supplies a wide range of linear bearings (linear slides) for use in a number of different applications, in-stock and available for online purchase. You can view our inventory below or request more information here.


  • Linear Motion Bearings

    Bearings Direct supplies an assortment of linear motion bearings and linear slides. These include ball bushing bearings and self-aligning linear bearings. These products are offered in both metric and inch sizes, open and adjustable types with rubber seals and flanged linear bearings. 

  • Motion Linear Pillow...

    We supply pillow block bearings and linear ball bushing bearings with machined pillow case units. You can browse our inventory below!

  • Linear Shaft Support...

    Bearings Direct supplies linear shaft & shaft end support blocks in metric and inch sizes. These linear shaft supports come in three series options. View our subcategory pages for more information! 

  • Linear Shafts

    Bearings Direct stocks an inventory of linear shafts & shafting, including precision linear shafts, in metric and inch sizes. These linear shafts can be used in linear motion systems. 

  • Linear Slide Units -...

    An IKO high rigidity precision ball slide is a compact linear motion rolling guide for limited stroke length. The unit incorporates two rows of steel balls in four-point contact with the raceways so that stable accuracy and high rigidity are obtained, even under fluctuating and complex loads. Wide variations in size are available for selections suitable for each application. Two raceways on the solid table and on the solid bed, respectively, are ground one at a time to minimize processing errors and improve accuracy between the two raceways. High accuracy and smooth movement are assured with these linear slide units. 

  • Linear Motion Guide...

    Bearings Direct offers linear motion rolling guides and linear guide rails. Our inventory varies by size and includes products by IKO. You can click below to view our track rail linear guide as well. 

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Showing 1 - 20 of 191 items