Roller Bearings 

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Bearings Direct supplies a large variety of roller bearings and needle roller bearings. Roller bearings are any cylindrical or spherical object that aids in the movement of an object greater in size than the bearing itself. They are weight distribution-oriented bearings; this means they utilize many points of contact between a circular housing that contains the internal rolling elements, such as ball bearings, that sit within a collar. These bearing systems use the decrease in rolling resistance as a means of increasing the efficiency of moving an object. Roller bearings typically fall within three categories: cylindrical, tapered, and needle.

Types of Roller Bearings

Bearings Direct is a large roller bearings supplier with a selection of various sizes and shapes. Some of the types of roller bearings we supply include:

Cylindrical: Bearings in which cylinders are used as the rolling elements. With a greater contact area, they can distribute loads across a larger surface leading to a high radial load capacity. Bearings Direct supplies fully removable and one-side removable single row cylindrical bearings. These are best used for light to medium duty applications.

Tapered: Bearings that can support axial and radial forces. Due to a conical geometry that creates a linear contact, these bearings can carry greater loads than ball bearings, which have point contact. Tapered roller bearings can be separated into a cone assembly (inner ring, rollers, cage) and a cup (outer ring). These bearings can be used in industries such as agriculture, construction, mining, automotive, and robotics.

Needle: Bearings similar to cylindrical roller bearings except that they utilize small cylindrical rollers with lengths 3 to 10 times their diameter. These bearings have a high radial load capacity and are best suited for applications in which radial space is minimal.

Drawn Shell Cup Needle Roller Bearings: Bearings which have a high length-to-diameter ratio that may be lubricated with grease or oil-based lubricants. Commonly used in applications such as agriculture equipment, engines, and small appliances. Bearings Direct supplies both metric and inch size drawn shell cup needle rollers.

Spherical Roller Bearings: Bearings that allow rotation with low friction and angular misalignment. These bearings consist of cylindrical rolling elements and usually support a rotating shaft in the inner ring which may be misaligned with the outer ring. These bearings can handle heavy radial and axial loads and are used in applications where misalignment is a challenge.


Bearings Direct supplies roller bearings from a number of manufacturers including:

  •        IKO
  •        INA
  •        UBC Precision Bearings
  •        and more!


Roller bearings can be used in a variety of different industries and applications. Some of the most common include:

With a variety of different roller bearings in stock and ready to ship, Bearings Direct ensures you get the product you need when you need it. You can browse our selection of roller & needle roller bearings below or contact us for more information.


  • Drawn Shell Cup Needle...

    We offer an inventory of shell type & shell cup needle roller bearings - metric. Metric shell type needle roller bearings have high length-to-diameter ratios. They are commonly used in farm and construction equipment, gasoline engines, gas pumps, and small appliances. 

    Needle bearings have smaller rollers and the highest load capacity for a given radial space of all rolling bearings. View our inventory of metric shell type needle roller bearings below. 

  • Drawn Shell Cup Needle...

    Bearings Direct supplies inch shell cup needle roller and drawn cup needle roller bearings. These bearings are unique in that they have a high length-to-diameter ratio. Commonly used in applications like farm and construction equipment, gas engines, gear pumps, and small appliances, they may be lubricated with grease. However, oil-based lubricants are considered better for longevity and smoothness. 

    Needle bearings have smaller rollers and have the highest load capacity for a given radial space of all rolling bearings. You can view our inventory of shell type needle roller bearing inch sizes below. 

  • Caged Needle Roller...

    Our needle roller and cage assemblies come in a variety of bore sizes, from 3mm to 50mm. Caged needle roller bearings are useful for a variety of applications and can facilitate size and weight reductions in some machinery. Browse our inventory by bore size below. 

  • Machined Needle Roller...

    Bearings Direct supplies a variety of IKO machined type needle roller bearings. These are typically heavy duty machined & precision needle roller bearings inch sized. 

  • Machined Needle Roller...

    Bearings Direct offers a variety of machined & precision needle roller bearings metric sized. We supply complete sets with inner rings, complete sets with inner rings and rubber sealed, as well as without the inner ring. You can browse our inventory below. 

  • Separable Roller...

    Our inventory of separable roller followers with inner ring consists of NAST & IKO separable roller followers. These come shielded and sealed with a cage and inner ring. For specs and engineering, please view our IKO catalog

  • Non-Separable Needle...

    Bearings Direct supplies non separable needle roller cam followers, like the IKO non separable roller followers. Configurations include caged, with inner ring, and full complement types. To view more specs and engineering, view our IKO catalog

  • Combined Needle Roller...

    We offer a variety of combined needle roller and ball bearings. These units have radial needle roller bearings with a roller bearing component. You can browse our inventory of combined needle roller bearings below. 

  • Yoke Track-Follower...

    Bearings Direct is a supplier of yoke track follower roller bearings and various yoke rollers. Our inventory consists of both metric and inch size yoke roller bearings. Browse our selection below!

  • Cam-Follower Needle...

    Bearings Direct supplies cam followers, such as stud type cam followers, in both inch and metric sizes. These bearings are specifically designed to follow tracks or cams, such as in conveyors. 

  • Thrust Needle Roller...

    We stock a number of needle roller thrust bearings with caged assemblies. These needle thrust bearings range in bore size and width. You can browse our inventory below. 

  • Tapered Roller Bearings

    Tapered Roller Bearings are made of inner races called cones and outer races called cups. These parts are detachable. They are called tapered roller bearings because the cone assembly is narrower in one end and the races are built with one side narrower as well to match the rollers. Because of this assembly, it is an ideal bearing for axial and radial loads. The steeper the cup angle, the greater is the ability for the bearing to handle thrust loads. These bearings have point contact. They are ideal for environments where high speed and heavy loads occur, and low friction is needed.

    Tapered Roller Bearings Applications:

    •        Automotive
    •        Rail
    •        Agriculture
    •        Gearboxes
    •        Machine Tools
    •        Construction
    •        And more

    Bearings Direct offers a large inventory of Single Row Metric Tapered Roller Bearings. These tapered bearings range in applications from extra light to extra-heavy duty. Our selection of Tapered Roller Bearings is made of chrome steel. We also carry sealed tapered roller bearings. Click below to view our inventory by duty strength. 

  • Cylindrical Roller...

    Our inventory of cylindrical roller bearings consists of fully removable and one-side removable single row cylindrical roller bearings. These bearings are best suited for light to medium duty applications. 

  • Spherical Roller Bearings

    Our inventory of spherical roller bearings and roller element bearings includes bearings suited for light and medium duty applications. You can view our selection of spherical roller bearings with steel or brass cages below. 

  • Axial Cylindrical...

    Cylindrical roller thrust bearings, as a complete unit, consist of an axial cage with cylindrical rollers and two thrust washers. These cylindrical roller bearings help provide increased thrust capacity and support axial loads in one direction. To help facilitate quiet operation, these bearings feature a glass-fiber reinforced polyamide retainer.